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🏡 How Do I Create a Listing for My Accommodation on 4stay?
🏡 How Do I Create a Listing for My Accommodation on 4stay?

Article about creating a list on 4stay platform

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🏡 How Do I Create a Listing for My Accommodation on 4stay?

🏠 Creating a Listing on 4stay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Listing your accommodation on 4stay? Here's a guide to help you make an appealing and effective listing to attract potential tenants or guests.

1️⃣ Sign Up or Log In

Start by accessing your 4stay account:

  • New Hosts: Register as a host on 4stay, providing your email and creating a password.

  • Existing Users: Simply log in to your existing account.

2️⃣ 'List a Stay' Section

Find the section to create a new listing:

  • Look for and click on 'List a stay' or a similar option in your account.

3️⃣ Basic Accommodation Details

Fill in the essential details:

Basic Information:

  • Category & Property Type: Choose appropriate options like "Student Housing" or "Apartment".

  • Room Type: Indicate the type of room, such as "Private room".

Property Description:

  • Name & Detailed Description: Give your property a catchy name and a comprehensive description.

  • Key Features: Include info on bedrooms, bathrooms, total space, floor number, and maximum occupancy.

  • Photos: Upload high-quality images of your property (minimum 1024x768 pixels).


  • Address Details: Enter the full address including street, city, postal code, and country.

  • Geo-coordinates: Optionally add latitude and longitude.

  • Nearby Facilities: List close schools and subway stations.

Amenities and Rules:

  • List of Amenities: Check off the amenities your property offers.

  • Rules: Set clear guidelines regarding smoking, pets, guests, and events.

  • Extra Rules: Add any additional property-specific rules.


  • Room Details: Name your rooms and describe each, including beds, bathrooms, and features.

  • Photos: Upload clear pictures of each room.

Pricing & Availability:

  • Pricing: Set a monthly price, noting any security deposit or minimum stay requirements.

  • Discounts & Calendar: Add any special pricing and update your availability calendar.

  • Extra Charges: Mention additional taxes or fees.

Check-in/out & Arrival:

  • Timing: Specify normal check-in/out times and the check-in place.

  • Fees: Include details on late move-in or early move-out fees if applicable.

Payment and Cancellation Policies:

  • Payment Methods: Select how you wish to receive payments.

  • Cancellation Terms: Clearly state your cancellation policy.

4️⃣ High-Quality Photos

Invest in quality photography to showcase your property's best features.

5️⃣ Pricing Strategy

Set a competitive price based on property features, location, and market trends.

6️⃣ Manage Availability

Regularly update your calendar and set any booking restrictions.

7️⃣ Compelling Description

Create a detailed and attractive description of your property, emphasizing unique features and benefits.

8️⃣ House Rules and Policies

Clearly outline any specific rules or policies for guests.

9️⃣ Contact Information

Provide clear and accessible contact details for potential guests.

🔟 Preview and Publish

Review your listing thoroughly and then make it live.

1️⃣1️⃣ Regular Updates

Keep your listing updated and respond promptly to inquiries or booking requests.

✨ In Conclusion

Creating a listing on 4stay requires attention to detail and transparency. A well-crafted listing not only attracts guests but also sets clear expectations, ensuring a smooth hosting experience. Happy hosting!

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