The greatest reason behind having a profile picture is so that others can get to know you better whether they are hosting you, or booking your space. When you have a profile picture attached to your account, guests and hosts tend to trust listings and bookings more when they are able to put a face to your space! 

Not only does adding a profile picture to your account add authenticity to you and your space, but your profile looks whole. Without a picture, you leave an incomplete impression.

Adding a profile picture personalizes your profile. The likeliness of your space becoming booked as a host, or someone responding to your inquiry as a guest would both increase just by adding your photo to your profile. 

The ideal profile would include

  • At least one profile photo
  • Multiple verifications and a Verified ID
  • A description of at least 50 words highlighting why you decided to join the 4stay community, your interests or hobbies, or anything else you think someone would want to know

To view someone's profile, just click their profile photo.

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