Listing a property on is free now and forever, in consideration for it’s services, marketing, advertising, around the clock customer service and software, 4stay charges a 10% service fee to each transaction. 

What this means for hosts is that 10% will be deducted from the listed price once a payment has been made by a renter and the remaining 90% will be paid via electronic transfer or mail by check.

If you are concerned about this fee interrupting the bottom-line of your rental fee, we recommend factoring in this percentage on top of your listing price.

Here’s an example: John is a host listing his private room for rent on He needs to make $1,000 per month. Upon creating the listing, when adding the price, he factors in the 10%,  listing the space at $1,110. The renter will pay $1,110, $110 is charged as the 4stay service fee and the remaining $1,000 is remitted to John each month.

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