At 4stay, security of the guest and host is our utmost priority. To ensure a safe stay, we have 3 levels of verification for both the host and the guest. 

Level 1: Social

This is basic information such as email/phone and profile verification. This step is required of all hosts who have listings on our website. Without verification, our team denies them the ability to list their stay. In addition, we cross reference the host/guest 4stay profile with social media, such as Facebook and Linkedin, to ensure they are who they say.

Level 2: Inspection

This level is more personal; the stay gets confirmed by a partner who physically goes to the location to ensure the quality and security of the stay. Furthermore, with this step, 4stay received the credit card and payment information of the host or guest. Many times, this step is completed when hosts transfer to our site from others (AirBnb,, etc).

Level 3: Full Background Check

The third level is done at the request of a guest or host. If requested, 4stay does a comprehensive background check of the host or guest through a third party company. 

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