Payments that are made in advanced require a $100 reservation fee at the time of payment. The remainder of your payment will be collected 1 month prior to move-in.

Once it gets closer to your move-in date you will be charged either a prorated amount or full rate (depending on when you move in and how long you will be there) for the month you are moving in, all other payments will be collected on the 28th of each month.

All  the payments made on our platform are  100% secure and SCAM protected. If you happen to book from a scam host, you will be refunded 100% from 4stay. 

However, if the payment is made outside of the 4stay platform we will not be held responsible to help you with getting your money back.

If the place you have booked is not the same as pictured and described you have 24 hours to report it to 4stay to be eligible for the refund. Please contact and leave a message on our live chat as soon as possible.

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