When you want to list your stay, the 2nd step you will follow to do so is where you add your property. Follow along with the photos, you can also watch the video at the end of this page.

1. Adding a property type:

You can select the property type. Options we have for property type include house, apartment, townhouse, dorm, or hostel.

House- If you live in a detached home such as a freestanding home in which there are no neighbors to in which you share a wall with. 

Apartment- If you live in a large building containing residential suites.

Townhouse- If you live in a home which is a two to three-story attached residence.

Dorm-  If you own/run a building which has residential quarters for a large amount of people.

Hostel- A place which provides inexpensive accommodations such as food and lodging for travelers.

2. Number of Bedrooms

Here you will only list the number of bedrooms. If you have multiple beds in one room, you will still list only 1 room for it. (3 beds in one room= 1 bedroom)

3. Number of Bathrooms
You want to list all the number of bathrooms that are on your property. If you have an entire house, townhouse or apartment then you will add a bathroom for every full or half bathroom. (1 full bathroom, 2 half bathrooms= 3 bathrooms)

If you are listing a dorm or large hostel, you will list the same way. How many bathrooms are accessible to students? For every room you list, you will add the same amount. For example, if there is one large community bathroom with multiple stalls, you will list 1 bathroom total for every room or property that you list, etc.

4. Preferred Gender for Renting:
Your preferred gender for renting helps determine who you wish to rent your place to. You can choose between genders or have no preference. This option is for those who are listing a female only household or a male only household. For example, a younger female guest whose parents prefer she lives in an all girls dorm, etc. 

5. Once you click 'Next,' you will see that you are directed to a continuation page of step 2 in listing your property. This page will allow you to add:

  • Property Rules
  • Property Amenities
  • Location
  • Nearby schools and subways

For property amenities, you will select all of the amenities which apply to your property. Check any of these that apply to your entire property. These amenities are different than those in the guests room.

Property Rules:
Select all rules which apply to your property.

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