After you have completed creating your 4stay account, you will need to complete creating your 4stay profile. To do this you will need to add the following information.

  • A profile photo: You will need to add a photo to your profile so that when a you communicate with another user on 4stay, it gives your profile emotion and adds personality. A great way to build trust from other users from 4stay is if they can see a profile picture of you.
  • Host or guest? You will need to click 'List A Stay,' if you want to list your property and become a host. If you would like to be a guest you would click, 'Book A Stay.'
  • Occupation: You can state whether you're a student or even specify your profession. Stating your occupation gives other users an idea of what you do. If you're a guest, stating your occupation may help the host understand what made you feel their space is suitable for you. As a host, stating your occupation will give the guests an idea of your schedule or routine as well as allowing your guest to trust you and your space.
  • Date of birth: Other users will not be able to see your date of birth. 
  • About Me: Your about me section should show-off your personality. This is where you sell yourself to other users. You can describe a little about yourself and state what kind of place you have or what you're looking for. You can talk about what kind of person you are or what you like to do. Remember, adding your telephone number or address to this section is not allowed and breaks our 4stay terms and policies. So if you enter your number, address or email in this section, the computer will delete it.
  • Once you check and accept the Terms & Conditions and click proceed, your 4stay account profile is complete and ready to use! Remember to fill out all of the information in order to proceed with creating your 4stay account. 

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